Diesel LPG Conversion Kits

Diesel LPG Conversion Kits


LPG (Propane) Conversion System for diesel engines    RFQ

- It is a dual fuel system, with this kits installed, the cars will be able to run on either diesel still or co-fuel: diesel and LPG at same time;
- Diesel replaced by LPG will be 50 to 70% or more;
- Has been tested and worked great for 5.0+ Liter turbocharged diesel cars; Nontrubocharged cars or Cars of lower displacement, do not recommend to use this kis currently
- Advantages: Much lower cost than other converison kits for diesel engines; Very little modification to original diesel engine without any harm; Even the CNG system had problem, you can still use diesel without any influence caused by LPG system.

1) EFI Controller for diesel car (Includes Change-Over Switch and Indicator)
2) LPG regulator for diesel engine, integrated with solenoid shut off valve,
3) 20 ft of HP Tubing

4) 6 ft of 3/5” Heater Hose
5) 3 ft of ¾” Gas Hose
6) Power valve (mainly for adjusting small power engines, do not install this at first)
7) ¾” gas outlet tee connector (or ¾” 90 Degree Elbow)

8) Mounting fittings for connecting/fixing/sealing the LPG kits:
2 “I” shaped water connectors;
6 big Heater Hose Clamps;
7Large gas Hose Clamps;
6 brackets to hold the 6mm tubing;
6 Self Tapping Screws;
3 common screws;
1 black plastic gas leading base;

9) Not Included Items here:  LPG tank, Multivalve, tank bracketsrefill valve, refill hose (Too heavy to ship or may not suit to your local requirements!). 

Installation manual:
LPG(CNG) Diesel Conversion kits installation guide.pdf   (Pass word is required, only available for buyers who have purchased the diesel-LPG/CNG conversion kits from LGC, NEVER NEVER NEVER ask for it if you haven't bought--keep in mind of this, thanks.)

And, please read below information to see if you may need a tach which we do not provide currently:
Connect the black wire from the EFI controller to the ignition pulse wire. Most late model diesel engines will have a terminal on the alternator marked “W”. You will have a chassis ground, 12 volts battery voltage, and the “W” terminal to give RPM. Older engines or those without the “W” terminal may need a tachometer installed. (Such as the one from Tiny Tach: )

How is LPG volume controlled?
LPG volume can not be controlled precisely in our this system.
LPG go along with air, when diesel burn it need air, so LPG will be feed also.
The more air it need, the more LPG will be feed, the more diesel will be replaced by LPG (around 50-70% replacment rate, different cars vary and can not be figured out accurately).

Can you provide more information before I order?
No. But you can contact Mr. Arnold Chung for guidance when installing the system after you bought from us.

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