Closed loop system items

Closed loop system items


CNG LPG Closed Loop sytem items used in Traditional System (mixer system) Conversion kits for cars

(No longer available)

1.  Stepper motor
2. (Oxygen sensor) Lambda controller and harness cable
3. Electronic Switch
4. cable for connecting the electronic switch to lambda controller:

These items are original from previous China agent of Lovato.
If used these items in a mixer system, the Stepper motor can replace the power valve, petrol-gas changeover switch can be replaced by this electronic switch, and the
Emulator no need connecting to oxygen sensor;
It require to link to computer to program, with interface cable: use those with right connector, then it will work (LGC do not provide this currently).
LGC generally do not provide these items, if wanted, please confirm with us available or not first.

1.Connector: To stepper motor
2. White: Lambda in
3. Yellow: Lambda out
4. Red: Key
5. Red/black: 12V battery
6. Black: to ground
7. Blue: +12V gas
8. Purple: TPS
9. Brown: GND
10. Grey: NTC
11. Green: level

Installation manual and programming software download:
Closed loop system Installation manual for reference.pdf 
Contact LGC or click here to download
Closed loop system Programming_Software.rar   Contact LGC or click here to download

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