lpg refueling valve

lpg refueling valve


Propane LPG gas Refuel Valve   RFQ 

(inluded LPG Filling Receptacle, Filling Port)
Connected by LPG refuel hose to multivalve on LPG tank.

1. Functions
Connection device for linking the vehicle with the gas filling gun when filling gas, then shut off automatically after gas filling finished.

2. Parameters:

Type: one-way cut-off valve 

Working medium: LPG

Working pressure: 2.2 Mpa;

Working temperature: -40°C ~ +60°C

LPG refuel hose, Multivalve, LPG tank:

LPG Gas Filling Hose



LPG Multivalve


60L Propane LPG Tank For Cars, included lpg multivalve, refuel valve, refuel hose, tank brackets




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