Petrol-gas Changeover Switch (COS)

Petrol-gas Changeover Switch (COS)


Petrol-Gas Changeover Switch and cable, for mixer system/fumigation system      RFQ

1. Product Function
1) Mainly for LPG / CNG EFI cars to control fuel option between oil and gas
2) Automatically converting to using gas, when the engine rotate speed slow down to the set point from high.
3) Forcibly switch to gas-use-state. Press this switch, you can force the car start up from gas.
4) Five signal points to indicate the gas volume, from low to high state.

2. Wiring Guide
1) Gray cable: Usually not connected.

2) Blue cable: Gas signal output. Connect to gas solenoid valve device.
3) Red cable: With10V Fuse, connected to positive pole of the ignition switch.

4) White cable: Oil signal output. Connect to petrol solenoid valve device.
5) Black cable: Engine sensor signals. Connect to the ignition coil negative, or coil around the high-voltage ignition cable.
6) Brown cable: Negative power supply, connected to the battery negative.
7) Green cable: Gas volume input signal. Connect to Gas Sensor signal output cable.

3. Main Parameters
1) Operating voltage: DC10-15V
2) Working current: Less than 500mA when not connected to solenoid valve.
3) Drive current: The output is more than 5A in both oil and gas state.

4. Adjustment and Note
1) Avoid water, moisture, high temperature.
2) Ensure there is sufficient oil fuel in the tank.
3) When the switch be under gas working state:
A. After engine igniting, the indication light to converting to gas is flashing, the switch now show no signal of gas output, the engine is still using the oil fuel.
B. When step on the throttle, the engine rotation speed up. When the engine rotate speed slows down to the set value, the switch automatically switches to gas working. At this point, gas indication light is on.
C. The set value can be adjusted by the potentiometer.

D. Indicators:





E. Wiring Diagram:







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