Emulator for LPG CNG Mixer System

 Emulator for LPG CNG Mixer System


LPG CNG Emulator, for mixer system/fumigation system    RFQ


1. Product Function

1) The Emulator is mainly used in LPG CNG mixer system for cars;


2) When using LPG/CNG, the Emulator shut off the petrol injector, stop petrol supply, meanwhile, it provides

injector simulated signals and oxygen sensor simulated signals to OEM ECU, to facilitate it works as normal;


3) When using petrol, the Emulator wires to petrol injectors and O2 sensor are all under connection, no influence to original car ECU's normal function.

2. Working Parameter
1) Working voltage: DC10-15V

2) Injector Emulated Signal: Impedance100Ohm

3) Oxygen sensor Emulated signal: Voltage 1V, Frequency preset as 8Hz.


3. Wiring diagram

The wiring of emulator, is composed of 3 wire bundles: Injectors cable (with plug/socket); Oxygen sensor cable (white and yellow); Power cable (blue and black).


1) Take off the original car injectors cable, insert into corresponding plug in connectors from emulator. Another plug in connector from emulator is to connect petrol injector. If emulator connectors do not match with petrol injectors, please cut them to connect.

Round type:

Square type:

2) Oxygen sensor cable (white and yellow): Cut off the oxygen sensor signal wire, signal output port connect to white from emulator, the other end to original car ECU, is to connect yellow from emulator. Note: for convenience of exchanging oxygen sensor in case, it is recommended cutting the wire after oxygen sensor plug.

3) Power cable (blue and black): Blue to the gas signal output wire (blue) from change over switch; Black to battery negative pole.

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