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China Gas ECU & Injection Rail Manufacturer, Complete LPG CNG Conversion Kits Provider


LGC Gas Equipment (HK) Co., Limited was established in 2006 with factory and head office in Shenzhen China, dedicated to Bi-fuel (Gasoline to CNG/LPG) and Dual fuel (diesel and LPG/CNG) conversion systems for cars.

As China manufacturer of Autogas ECU & Injector Rail as well as professional provider of LPG (Propane) CNG (Methane) conversion kits for gasoline and diesel cars, LGC provide complete retrofit kits for 3/4/5/6/8 cylinder injection engines, Electronic fuel injection (EFI) engines as well as carburetor cars to convert into bi-fuel system and for all kinds diesel engines to convert into dual fuel use:

LGC provide two types LPG (Propane) or CNG (Methane) system Gas Conversion kits for gasoline Cars and one type LPG/CNG conversion kits for diesel cars, to retrofit into bi-fuel use (Petrol or LPG/CNG) or dual fuel use (diesel or co-fuel: diesel and CNG/LPG):
1. Gas conversion kits for gasoline cars:
With LGC's petrol-lpg/cng conversion kits installed, the cars will run at either petrol or LPG/CNG.

1.1. Propne (LPG) or Methane(CNG) Sequential injection system autogas Conversion
kits, suit to EFI cars only:
Much better performance, but more complicated installation and higher price, generally for those newer cars.
Two types: For 3, 4 cylinder Multipoint sequential injection gasoline engines and for 5, 6, 8 cylinders.
Complete sequential injection kits include items:
3/4cyl (5/6/8cyl) Gas ECU set—Electronic Control Unit + 3/4cyls (5/6/8cyls) Harness + Micro-switch + Water temperature sensor + (Emulator), Map sensor, (ECU programming cable), (ECU software), CNG sequential reducer/LPG Injection vaporizer (Integrated with CNG/LPG solenoid valve), Gas Injector Rail, CNG pressure gauge, High pressure steel pipe, Gas Filter, Low pressure hoses, Gas filling valves, LPG filling hose, Mounting fittings, Gas tank, Tank brackets, CNG Tank valve/LPG Multivalve (Integrated with LPG level sensor).
1.2. LPG or CNG Aspirated system (Normal suction system/traditional system/Mixer sytem) Conversion Kits, suit to both carburetor and EFI(Electronic fuel injection) cars:
Simple installation, lower price, but performance not good as sequential injection kits, generally for those older cars.
Complete Normal Suction system kits include items:
CNG reducer/LPG vaporizer (Integrated with LPG/CNG solenoid valve), Gas Emulator, Petrol-gas Changeover Switch (Fuel selector), Air-fuel mixer, power valve,CNG pressure gauge, High pressure steel pipe, Low pressure hoses, Gas filling Valves, LPG filling hose, Mounting fittings, Gas tank, Tank brackets, CNG Tank valve/LPG Multivalve (Integrated with LPG level sensor).
1.3. The above Propane vs methane system Gas Conversion Kits from LGC do not suit to FSI (fuel straight injection/fuel direct injection) engines, nor diesel engines either.
Other gas conversion items: Ignition timing advance processor, Spark plus special for CNG, Relay for shutting off petrol pump, CNG Gas Leakage Detector/alarm, Lambda Controller and stepper motor.

2. LPG/CNG Conversion kits for diesel engines: With LGC's diesel-gas conversion kits installed, the car will run at either diesel still or co-fuel(diesel and lpg or cng at same time), diesel engines work great after retrofited.

LGC provide complete solution of petrol-lpg/cng and deisel-lpg/cng conversion for retrofit shops/distributors/DIY end-users, with good quality at cheaper price!
Featured with guaranteed quality & competitive price & excellent service, LGC’s sales network cover the whole China and many oversea markets. Quality of our Gas Kits are favored by lots of installers and distributors.



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