Reasons to work with LGC

-- Good quality at lower cost 
Although the RMB-USD exchange rate is dropping, China can still remain its advantage in manufacturing industry, the labor cost is low still and manufacturing ability level is still higher than many other developing countries, which is the guarantee of quality at good price. Choosing "made in China" means that you will get competitive advantage on quality and price, LGC are pleased here to serve you.
-- Your reliant partner, complete solution provider
A full set gas conversion kits include ten above items, there is no a single supplier in the world who can manufacture all items on its own (LGC began manufacturing Gas ECU in 2008, and Injector Rail 2012--at least 6 factories make different parts of a gas rail!). If wanted to find original manufacturers for every item you will have to deal with dozen factories!
Since established, LGC worked with many China manufacturer partners before, many of them were eliminated by time, now the remained ones were tested and proved good to us. Good suppliers never mean cheap cheap price only, but balance between quality, price and service: Guaranteed quality at reasonable cost=Lower maintenance charge=Less customer complaint=Reputation and trust in a long term=More buyers, more business=Lower Final Cost in fact! Sustainable Business should be like this! LGC insist on providing you with good quality and perfect service at reasonable cost.
Choose LGC, you won’t need to spend time and energy to verify a dozen of factories/suppliers!
Rely on LGC, save your time and cost!
-- Perfect combination of Italy technology and made-in-China manufacturing capability
We produce bi-fuel Gas ECU and injection rail desined and developed in Italy, you will be satisfied with Guaranteed quality, Competitive price, Quick response, Continuous Excellent sales service from LGC!
Welcome join us in this green business, LGC are always here to serve you.


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